There has been something of a hiatus on Posts on this Blog since my last one – which took the form of ridiculing the nonsense that is Homeopathy.

I was firmly of the view that the whole thing was normally believed only by people who had just barely moved on from believing in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus and in the musical merits of Jedward.

However, my confidence took a bit of a hit as several friends whose views I otherwise had considerable respect for, turned out to believe in it. Those people are able to walk and talk and operate successfully in the modern World – and yet believe in Homeopathy.

Recently though I read an article about the UK Independence Party – the well known and now strangely successful Party made up of deeply confused closet racists and foreigner-phobes.

The article focussed on their leader Nigel Farage, a man with an uncanny resemblance to a newt and a child like inability to add up the simple calculations in their policies without using a crayon – which evidently he could not put his hands on when he produced their manifesto.

Their policies include a long list of barking mad ideas. They start with, recession or not, increasing defence spending by 40%, lest we are threatened by garlic wielding forces from the continent.

Then, they move on to removing the legal ban on smoking in pubs and then – and this is the big one – belief that Homeopathy is efficacious and should be enshrined in our legal system and provided on the NHS.

That settles it – Homeopathy is just an illusion made up by people with as much medical knowledge as an amphibian