By which I mean 2nd instalment of my marriage updates, not a 2nd marriage.

Having blogged about my 20th anniversary a while ago, I felt I should bring you some less positive news.

I discover that my wife’s last boyfriend before me, Richard Wiseman, now appears in the Independent on Sunday’s list of ‘100 people that make Britain a better place to live’. At best, I must be at position 500.

 I met Richard once and he seemed a nice enough chap and is very good on TV, but can he justifiably be that  far ahead of me?

 Emma and my children seem to quite like me for a start and that’s not all, there must be dozens more.

 The owners of my preferred Doner Kebab shop, at least, must accept that me subsidising their boutique is a positive thing. They’re Greek, and the parlous state of their economy at the minute would make their votes count for double.

 Furthermore, my willingness to attempt to fly paragliders despite little innate ability maintains the lifestyle of several of the more tolerant instructors.

 So here’s my idea: I change the details of this Blog to state that all followers implicitly agree that I have made Britain a better place to live.

 Would this work?

 I think I could get 50 followers from work as a start. Blogs by their nature are a less intrusive format than eMail so people would sign up just to stop me bothering them by sending this kind of stuff direct.

 Probably needs several thousand people to give my campaign any real impetus. Could be possible though great oak trees from little acorns and all that.

 Maybe some more conventional ideas to kick start my campaign. Print up some T shirts or something.

Also, it needs a campaign name really.

 Maybe Dave Dawson Makes Britain a Better Place to Live and Stops Him Sending Me More Bloody eMails.

 Might need some work to generate a more  memorable acronym though.  DDMBPTLSHSMMBE isn’t going to stick in anyone’s  mind

Finally, I guess Richard Wiseman probably has stuff all over the web. If I was to link to him in some way it could either be;

i) A cunning way of leading readers who are already in a positive frame from a Blog or other site belonging to Richard

ii) The act of an Internet stalker who is more likely to be arrested than to acquire supporters

I’ll consider any opinions on those options before I take this any further.