My wife, the lovely Emma and I have been married for 20 years.
To celebrate her good fortune in this regard, I will be off taking her to Prague for a long weekend.

There, I can introduce her to Czech beer in a romantic setting.

You will find this hard to believe I imagine (the 20 years, not the beer and romance), due to my youthful appearance and childlike joie de vivre.
You must remember we were married virtually as children though.

I have never been to Prague, but I have prepared in a number of ways:
i)I have looked at pictures of the city on the web and it looks very nice. Not a huge amount of preparation, I’ll grant you but it was me that suggested getting married in the first place, so I’m actually ahead on points here

ii) I have bought a Czech translation app for my iPhone. That will actually read out the words for me to simplify the pronunciation of a language which seems to use vowels in an unusually thrifty way.
The exception to that is the word ‘pivo’ which means beer and, as I recall is conveniently the same in all 4 languages from the former Yugoslavian countries too.

iii) I have order some currrency. There are mechanisms by which you can order via the Web in advance to collect at the airport.I couldn’t be bothered to look into that so I just used the phone.
Not such a rewarding experience for me but, presumably a good thing for the guy manning the currency order phone line.

By virtue of having been married for this long, we often find we are thinking the same thing at the same time so conversation is unnecessary. As such, it’s possible we’ll just spend the weekend sitting in bars and cafes, in companionable silence, the passtime at which Britain leads the world.

I will be returning on Monday fresh for a golfing team build thing.

As a word of warning, I once got a fractured skull at a pitch and putt golf course. Pictures of my skull x-rays can be viewed at