Following my return to davedawsonhaswaytoomuchtimeonhishands last week, a message flooded in asking me to resume updates as they hadn’t been getting the level of general blithering and shite that was  at the beating heart of this Blog, prior to my 5 year hiatus. I’m therefore resuming in the same spirit of just writing the first thing that comes into my head.

In that vein, breaking news from the Sussex Pandemique is that Emma has begun filming me on her phone while I sleep.

This is not the act of a well adjusted human being, but I’ve seen one of these clips and it was kind of fascinating. Turns out that one of the many weird effects of having MS is that my legs make repeated lunges during the night.

In this clip my leg, which was poking out from under the duvet, quickly stretched up quite high in the air, stayed there for maybe 5 seconds and then quietly recoiled. That whole pattern then repeated continuously on a roughly 30 second cycle.

Almost balletic I thought, but Emma’s view is that it was more akin to the lunges of Eric Cantona than to the pirouettes of  Rudolf Nureyev.

We have therefore ordered a Super King Size bed to enable her to quietly withdraw into the stands/orchestra pit so to speak beyond the reach of my performing legs.

People pay good money for that kind of entertainment I thought, but turns out that’s a very superficial way of viewing it.