The correct order of the sequence Paper, Scissors, Stone is just that – but not everyone realises, so thought I’d better lay any confusion to rest.

It was established in the 19th century and became law in the UK in 1842 as a  legally binding way of reaching an agreement.

UK laws seems to removed a lot less frequently than they’re added so it’s quite possible it’s still there.

All this knowledge, seems to have been lost over the years

Americans seem to say Rock Paper Scissors but this is wrong. At that stage they were still spending their time eliminating the natives of their country and were presumably too busy to keep up with proper legal matters.

They were independent by then I suppose, but nevertheless, this is something that should really have been an International standard from day

By 1842 British residents had long ago moved on to tormenting or eliminating the natives of other parts of the world and left a crack legal team behind to establish legal rules like Paper, Scissors, Stone.

On the positive side, both nations were consistent in renaming bits of the world to sound like bits of England.

Most of the British Empire was just changed to be spelled and pronounced to sound English whereas America just used English names and put New in front of them to give New York, New England and so on.

Not all of them of course – Wolverhampton, for example remains one of a kind

On another bit of lost knowledge, I discover, there was a musical genre in the 80s called Loutish Grebo.

My teenage years fell mostly into that decade and yet, I’d never even heard of this.

Just feel I wasted the best years of my life now.

In fact, my only significant achievement in that decade was winning the competition for fastest speed ever recorded on a motorcycle over speed bumps on Nottingham University campus. That was 80mph, since you ask and was independently witnessed by my passenger, the lovely Emma, who is now my wife.

Aside from that record, I think I just wasted the 80s really