Summary of a few NFTDs sent last week cataloguing my left optic nerve, which is being eaten by my immune system in an annoying – but efficient fashion

i) I have just had drops put into my eyes to dilate my pupils so my optic nerves can be inspected when I go back in half an hour.
I recall that larger pupils make people more attractive so I wandered round town looking at women to see if anyone swooned.

No evident improvement here but I didn’t start from a high base point I suppose.
One old-ish woman did smile, but I think in a call an end to your staring kind of way rather than a contented smile whilst musing about my trouserage kind of way.
My focus in both eyes temporarily knackered up by large pupils, so I suppose I might have known her.

ii) Eye drop effect getting more now. Can’t read anything I’m writing so will have to stop

iii) After the optic nerve review, I looked at myself in a mirror. The eyes have huge pupils which, coupled with me not having shaved for a few days, made me look more Jack Nicholson in The Shining than Brad Pitt

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I also said hello to a blurry teenage girl in Costa who, I think was a friend of my daughter.

If she was, she’ll think I’m an attentive parent who knows all his offspring’s friends.

If not, she’ll think I’m a predatory psychopath and will be warning the school about me as we speak.