You may have heard that Bob Holness, presenter of the long running Blockbusters  TV quiz show in the eighties died yesterday. For the few  people who receive this Blog and are too young , or were not in the UK at the time, it was a word game involving various ways of guessing words or phrases from the starting letters. Contestants were school sixth formers around 17-18 years old.

I read through a few snippets of tribute to his career, which were all  very nice and included the fact that he also once played James Bond in fact.

On the Blockbusters front they all gave the much quoted line of contestants asking to ‘have a  P  please Bob ‘ to riotous applause from the studio audience.

One better quote did not make it though. A friend of mine was actually a contestant on the programme and heard this exchange:

HOLNESS:  What ‘F’ comes before Sex…

CONTESTANT (Buzzing to interrupt):  Foreplay

AUDIENCE: A full minute of laughter


HOLNESS (repeating the question): What ‘F’ comes before Sex, Play and Weather


HOLNESS:  Correct – Fair Sex, Fair Play, Fair Weather.


That should surely be the one he’s remembered for